Megan Tresise from the University of Leeds and David Rapley from the University of Sheffield bring us two new POSTnotes.

Megan and David have have recently completed 3 month fellowships with POST, which were sponsored by the N8 AgriFood Policy Hub.

Restoring Agricultural Soils
Megan has published a POSTnote which summarises the state of England’s agricultural soils and evaluates soil stewardship opportunities. It also examines how changes to the management of agricultural soil could contribute to improving the ability of soils to produce crops, as well as to wider benefits including mitigating future climate change.

Genome editing food crops
David’s POSTnote describes genome editing technology and identifies which food crops are currently undergoing editing and why. It also describes the regulation and registration of genome-edited food crops, discusses issues around trade and describes stakeholder views about the technology.

You can read more here from Megan and David where they tell us about how their work fits within the current policy landscape and what they hope to achieve through their work with POST.

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